Teen Court hosts a wide array of classes designed to address specific issues that many defendants experience. In addition to classes hosted by Teen Court at the Municipal Courthouse, Teen Court also offers referrals to outside programs hosted by other organizations in Colorado Springs. Each class is assigned to a defendant based on their specific offense and pattern of behavior. These classes aim to help the defendant take accountability for their actions and modify the direction in which their life is progressing.

The classes hosted by Teen Court are held at the Municipal Courthouse. Teen Court staff will give date, time, and fee information to the defendant and his/her parent/guardian at the conclusion of the sentencing hearing at out-processing. Classes hosted through referral agencies must be contacted by the defendant within one week of the sentencing hearing. Dates, times, and fees are explained through each respective agency.

Once the defendant has been sentenced at his/her hearing, the defendant and parent will meet with a staff person in out-processing. In out-processing, the staff member will go over all court documents, schedule all classes, and discuss any questions.

Defendants are required to complete their sentences THREE MONTHS from the day of their sentencing hearings (Peer Panel, Trial, or Mediation).

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